What are the features of a Portable Air Conditioner

Some of you may be wondering if portable air conditioners are actually fully functional air conditioners or are just a better version of a cooler. I must admit that the by the looks someone might this that it is just a electronics cooler. But the fact remains that majority of portable air conditioner like Lloyd LP12TN is a fully functional air conditioner with a 1 ton rotary compressor. Portable air conditioners are designed to have everything in one standing unit. They even have wheels on the bottom to move them easily and making them actually portable.



The portable air conditioners have unmatched looks, they look very elegant and can fit in well wit any kind or decor. the Led display enable to see and set the temperature, choose the mode and air flow. The hot air is released through a pipe which is on the back side of the Portable Air Conditioner. The pipe is flexible and can be adjusted according to the requirements and usage. The air conditioner has a water collection box on the back side which collects water over time like any other air conditioner would do but the only drawback is that it has to be emptied on a regular basis.

Other features of portable air conditioner include on/off timer, auto clean, self diagnosis, anti dust filter and simple operation(plug and play). The air conditioner is also very effective for spot cooling in larger rooms or open areas making a perfect choice for bigger families as well. Major brands seling portable air conditioners in India are Lloyd, Croma, Sharp and in some other countries LG sells portable air conditioners as well. The best in class is the lloyd portable ac because of the brand reputation, build quality and price. It is available to buy online in India at SSSCART at the lowest price. SSSCART is one of the authorized dealer of Lloyd for online sales. Checkout the website for latest deals on all major home appliances and get free shipping on all orders: https://www.ssscart.com/





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